AJB Assurance

Our Guarantee

Our craftsmanship is of the highest standard, with skills refined and perfected over a 20 year period. This expertise secures our commitment to the control and management of your project with a superior degree of professionalism. We work with you in defining your needs, establishing the most cost effective solution and completing the task in a timely and safe manner. We manage and supervise, you enjoy the end product.



As an Australian owned and operated business, we are committed to promoting and activating at all times, care and responsibility for staff, clientele and environment on every site. Conforming to Australian Standards, our team are well versed on all safety issues, actively partake in all organisational training incentives and continue to maintain high levels of best practice at all times to safeguard themselves, on site staff and the surrounding environment, your work space.

All sites are assessed, individual and unique. As we learn more about each site, attending regularly, or planning for commencement of works, safety hazards are readily identified and with our simple and streamlined OH&S management plan, work practices are readily updated to incorporate best practices immediately and with little impact to site. 


Environmental Policy

At AJB Building PL we are proud supporters of all things green, and ensure at all times we are mindful of the environment in our use of chemicals and solvents, noise and pollutants. With plans in place for certification, we already look to the green options wherever possible and offer cost effective alternatives wherever possible. Environmentally sustainable alternatives are requested if not already used by suppliers and as we understand the cost concerns we aim to provide cost effective solutions where everyone is a winner.



As a registered Australian Business, AJB Building is fully licensed and insured with Public Liability and Workers Compensation. We are registered with ICIX. All documentation is available on ICIX website and is provided upon commencement of works.